As a mom from a beach community on the Eastern End of Long Island, it wasn’t until after I had children that I started reading labels on everything I was using on my kids from food to products. I could not believe all the unnecessary chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis from trusted, brand name products. Every summer my daughter would break out in a prickly rash and our pediatrician told me it was due to the chemicals in the sunscreen that I was using on her daily. I created after struggling to find a chemical free, safe and effective sunscreen to protect my two young children, Stella and Baekeland.

beach*bum sunscreen was my first product to come to market in 2011. sunscreen is a mineral-based sunscreen made from the active ingredient zinc oxide which is the most effective mineral to provide broad-spectrum protection. Zinc oxide has a long history of safe use and used on the youngest babies in diaper rash creams (prevents rash!). ’s formula does not contain the chemicals such as oxybenzone (known to be a hormone distrupter in children), octocrylene, avobenzone, octisalate, octinoxate or retinyl palmitate. is made with non-nano sized particles it does not get absorb into the blood stream like chemical sunscreens. We use certified organic ingredients, including grape-seed extract, green tea and rose hip antioxidants, shea butter, and extra virgin olive and jojoba oils, which help moisturize the skin while protecting from the sun.

I am continuing to develop products and use only the highest quality ingredients that are gentle and safe for the entire family.

Living in a beach community and wearing sunscreen every day, I am determined that my children are getting the best broad-spectrum protection without all the chemicals. As a company, we feel it is our responsibility as parents to educate ourselves to choose safe and effective products for our children.

I urge parents to take matters into your own hands as, we cannot control everything in our environment but we can control the products we buy.


Kristen Peterson